We’re Moving!

Hello! Salut! Aaniin!

VoteNOP originally started as a supplement to the party’s official site, meant to fill in some gaps and bring together information from across numerous Constituency Association sites. I developed it because there was no candidate in my riding, and I wanted to contribute. Throughout the campaign, it became a useful tool, showcasing the latest press releases, media articles, platform developments, and all the Northern Ontario Party candidates running in the 2018 election.

Additionally, it served as the only place for journalists and constituents to find contact information on some of our candidates. This led to me forwarding emails, replying to journalist inquiries, and serving the party in areas where I wasn’t necessarily authorized. It was all built to help, and VoteNOP has served that purpose.

My work has not gone unnoticed. I’ve spent the last few days migrating the content and back-end, and it finally went live this morning, complete with the ability to purchase a 3-year membership or donate to the Northern Ontario Party. This is a big leap from a helpful hobby site to an official political party’s website. There’s a lot of work that still needs to be done, from compiling information on Riding Executives, creating party-specific e-mail addresses, adding additional portfolio elements to support the party’s platform, and working to bring the Riding websites to one central location, in order to give them a universal look and limit some of the confusion experienced by journalists and constituents that developed through the 2018 election campaign.

As a result of this migration and all of the new developments, I’ll beĀ focusing on the Northern Ontario Party’s main website. The goal is to expand its usefulness to the party, its members, and constituents across Northern Ontario.

This means that I will be shuttering VoteNOP in the near-future. Please update your bookmarks.

The updated site is now live at


Thank-you for all your support.

-Shawn Gray
VoteNOP Webmaster